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Issues. Seriously. Issues.

Leaving passive-aggressive notes on the fridge

The Fizzy Champagne Princess
23 April 1990
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I have been featured in several prominent newspapers, billboards and music tracks. I am the cat's mother and the Queen of Sheba. That's right, folks. If you see a 'She' appear and you can't for the life of you figure out who it refers to, it's me.

She enjoys singing. She is almost a third-year undergrad at the University of Birmingham.

She is 19, and her real name is Emma. It is not mysterious enough.
1920s america, acting, agent angel, air guitar, america or busted, angels unlimited, annie dalton, annoying tarts, baking chocolate chip cookies, baking scones, blackphoenixalchemylab, blink 182, blue dye, boq, bpal, brice, brice de winter, buying presents, cabaret, camp songs, chicago, cruises, dead parrots, dodgy songs/lyrics, drums, dvds, elphaba, english, evanescence, fandom, feeling sorry for celia, finding cassie crazy, fiyero, friends, gaiman, galinda, glinda, glomping, going hyper, green day, green dye, guitars, hairspray, hardback books, harry potter, heels, height, hogwarts_hocus, house, house m.d., hugh laurie, hungarian-english phrasebook, idina menzel, interactive stories, ipods, jack off jill, jaclyn moriarty, laughter, libraries, lumberjacks, making pasta sauces, mel beeby, mel/brice, mezzo soprano, microphones, monty python, msts, mungojerrie and rumpleteazer, music, musicals, my cat, natasha bedingfield, neil gaiman, nessarose, nightwish, odd hair, pineapples, popworld, pratchett, present buying, psychology, quotes, random songs (from kate), rent, roleplaying, sandman, science fiction, screaming, shoes, shopping, singing, spam, sprite, star no star, star trek: voyager, starbucks hot chocolate, stephen fry, swearing, swords, tamora pierce, the ppc, tolkien, tribute by tenacious d, university of birmingham, velma kelly, websites, who's david?, wicked, wicked the musical, will and grace, william shakespeare, woohoo, writing, writing stories with friends, yannickloversuk